Why I’m Rising

As we all prepare to join the One Billion Rising in SL global campaign on Saturday, February 14th to bring awareness … to be a voice and RISE for REVOLUTION for the many women and girls around the world. We see Youth are Rising … Men are Rising let us all RISE to stop violence.


In 2016 share with us in comments here!!!

Why are you joining the event? How do you think change can happen? What does your revolution look like?

If you want to make a video, or share a Flickr picture in our group, include a link!




1n 2013 and in 2014, people told us why they were rising – and you can share your reasons for rising in 2016 Second Life with us in the comments here!

4 thoughts on “Why I’m Rising

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  2. I am rising because I was with an insanely abusive man once. He used to tie me up and burn me with cigarettes. He later went on to murder my ten year old daughter (Noel Parcells) and her 3 year old halfsister (Mia Parcells) by gun in a double-murder suicide.

  3. I’m rising for the millions of women and children who are to afraid, unable to leave. I am rising for the advocates who tirelessly work behind the scenes to provide safe places for victims to go, with little to no funds allocated for them. I am rising because I got out and can use my voice to save at least one other. This is also #WhyIShimmyMob

  4. My revolution looked like 2 suitcases, one cab, a scared 3 year old and me. We left our abuser in November. I will rise for every woman and child that can’t leave. I will rise in hopes that they will come to know the freedom and peace that I have found. I will rise for those we have lost.

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