The Artists on OBR Resist 2020

iSkye Silverweb

This year’s installation is called “The Sum of My Parts”.
It’s best experienced with your sun set to a night windlight, and if you can, have the Advanced Lighting Model on in your viewer.

Please visit this installation at:
Artist Biography:
In RL I am Deaf. My first language is American Sign Language (ASL), but I am fluent in English and somewhat so in Spanish, and learning Italian.  I rely heavily on text to communicate in Second Life.
I live in Wisconsin in the United States. I am a web designer and developer by profession. It is something I truly enjoy doing, and so I also volunteer my skills with Virtual Ability, the Rockcliffe University Consortium, VWBPE, and BURN2.While not a professional, fulltime artist, I’ve been drawing since I was 11 years old, started painting in my teens.  Having always been a voracious reader and blessed with a vivid imagination, it was impossible to resist experimenting with writing and painting and drawing all through high school and university. While I started with a major in fine art, ultimately my life’s path diverged from it as a profession. Yet my passion for and deep enjoyment of art have always been the way to find my innermost self, time and again. Art centers me. It reminds me of who we all really are, and, it has been my saving grace in difficult times.

I’ve had an active online life since the late 80s/early 90s, but when I discovered Second Life in 2009, it changed my world. All of a sudden, I was able to not only interact, I could do meaningful things with other people, and be a part of communities and, I could CREATE!

I first entered Second Life in May of 2009, and at first it was a bit .. lonely but there was so much fascinating content in this world – the Holocaust Museum left a HUGE impression on me in the way the history was illustrated. I found other places, like art galleries, beautiful places all over the grid, during the first two weeks of my experiences in SL. During that time nobody communicated with me. Now, they may have been using voice and I never knew it, but no one acknowledged me in text until one fine day when I landed on Virtual Ability became a mentor with Virtual Ability.

Empowered with text, prims and mesh, textures and colours and light and motion, I love the things we can do in a virtual setting that are simply impossible in real life. All of this combined to spark ideas and urges to create and build and collaborate with others in bringing form to feelings in beautiful and sometimes not so beautiful but meaningful ways.

It is a gift to do this. Gifts are meant to be shared…I am grateful for the opportunities I have had and look forward to many more.

Unfortunately I am terrible at saving and keeping track of links where my art is shown. I don’t keep a website with this information. I create because I must, not because I want to have a portfolio of what I create…

I have listed those I was able to find, below, a few are mine and my thanks to the photographers who snapped the other shots I have listed below.  I’ve attempted to put some photos of my artwork into one folder on my Flickr account, in the album titled “Photos of My Artworks” found here: – if you see no link in the list below,  the photo is at that location. Other links are to snapshots that were taken by others (to whom I am very grateful).

UWA Freedom Project  “Speechless Freedom”

Artwalk “A Writer’s Garden”

BURN2 “A Burner’s Garden”

BURN2 “New Year’s Eve Resolution”

One Billion Rising  “Breakthrough: Rise to New Heights”
(also on flickr at thanks to Suellen Heartsong and thanks to Wildstar Beaumont)

SL12B “The Stuff of Dreams”

BURN2 (two different events)

UWA Pursue Impossible  “A Touch of Birdsong”

Pop Up Art  “The Absent Brained Professor”

One Billion Rising  “My Voice Is In My Hands”
On Flickr:
(thanks to Avariel Falcon) (thanks to MIchael Romani)

Ethnographia  “Muffled Sounds of Summer”

UWA Immaterial “Windy Memories”

SL13B “Our Stories Together”

ArtWalk 2016 “Under Da Sea”

ArtWalk 2016 “Frog v. Moose”

BURN2 “Family Tree”

LEA6: “The Colours of Loss and Healing” (which is now moved to Ethnographia Island)

One Billion Rising: “We Are Persistent”

Kultivate Spring Art Show “Springtime Doodles”

Raglan Shire Artwalk (3 builds):
“Edna and Abner Story Time”
“Urban Delight”
“Mandala Messages”

SL14B “Hippie Carnivalesque”

BURN2: I, Robot

LEA Emphatic Eccentricia

ArtFest 2018

One Billion Rising: “Beyond the Broken Chain”

Raglan Shires ArtWalk – 3 separate builds

One Billion Rising “Pawns No More”

Burn2: Metamorphoses
“Cult of the PlayaFish”

Burn2 Winter Burn: Magic!  “Burner Runes”

One Billion Rising: The Sum of My Parts



Rising up to say: “HOPE becomes HELP!” “One at a time, becomes ALL”. Despair is not an end it’s a cry we ALL can understand.

This message is to remind us that others need to know they are not alone. Our vibration of compassion is how we grow. Continue to reach out with your hand and words. ONE BILLION RISING is not once a year.

-Daark Gothly

Please visit this installation at: THE VIBRATION by Daark Gothly


Instituto Español SL (In Spanish and English)

Instituto Español SL desde 2007 forma parte de la comunidad virtual de Secondlife, nació con el propósito de brindarle un espacio a los maestros de español donde puedan desarrollarse y ampliar su oferta educativa.
El uso de SL como herramienta en la educación y en especial en la enseñanza de idiomas es muy amplia, pero sobre todo nos ofrece la oportunidad de poder brindar a estudiantes una enseñanza inmersiva y lo más aproximado a la realidad.

IESL además se ha desarrollado como un espacio Cultural de México, donde en el transcurso del año recreamos las festividades artísticas y culturales más importantes del país como el Día de la Independencia, 5 de Mayo, La Revolución mexicana, Día de Muertos, Carnaval, Posadas navideñas y lecturas. Conjuntamente tenemos nuestra propia estación de radio la cual sólo emite música en español las 24 horas del día. Radio Spanish Speak cuenta con programación todo el año, con locutores en vivo con diferentes programas de ritmos y música de latinoamerica. Tenemos nuestro calendario anual donde celebramos la vida de los grandes artistas latinoamericanos de todos los tiempos disfrutando de su música.
Instituto Español SL es un punto de encuentro de la cultura mexicana y de reunión con la música latinoamericana y la población latina en SL.

Nota: Actualmente el sim esta de nuevo en remodelación y este 8 de julio abre sus acceso general, siguenos en facebook para que te enteres de los eventos.


Since 2007, The Instituto Español SL has been part of the virtual community of Second Life. It was created with the purpose of providing a space for Spanish teachers where they could develop and expand their educational skills.
The use of SL as a tool in education and especially in teaching a language is very broad, but above all, it offers us the opportunity to provide students with immersive teaching that is as close as possible to reality.
IESL has also naturally developed as a cultural space, representative of Mexico, where throughout the year we recreate the most important artistic and cultural festivities of the country such as Mexican Independence Day, May 5th, The Mexican Revolution, Day of the Dead, Carnival, Christmas Posadas and readings. Additionally, we have our own radio station which broadcasts music in Spanish 24 hours a day. Radio Spanish Speak has programming throughout the year, with live broadcasters with different musical genres and music programs from all of Latin America. We have our annual calendar where we celebrate the life of great Latin American musical artists throughout time and enjoy their music.
Instituto Español SL is a place to enjoy Mexican culture and Latin American music with Latin Americans from Second Life.


OBR in Second Life I Rise Campaign

In early January we asked members of the SL Flickr Photographic Community to produce photographs for the SL OBR I Rise Campaign.

We kept the theme loose, so that people could express themselves, and sometimes, their own, very raw experiences. We were astounded by the response.

Our exhibit here takes us on a journey from a despairing landscape through to an oasis of safety and the images illustrate the transition from victim to survivor.

Many of these images depict scenes that may be uncomfortable for survivors. Please reach out for support if you need it.

All of these photos are created from the heart and to support and promote the messages of One Billion Rising.

Thank you

Lawrence D Pryce & Kess Crystal


Darkstone Aeon

Stone’s Works

Darkstone Aeon


FF Flickr