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OBR map of the regions 2018
Artists at One Billion Rising in Second Lif 2018 – in their own words

OBR Rise

Feathers Of Truth
2018 OBR
Misprint Thursday

In Egyptian mythology the ostrich feather was used to represent the feather of truth and the symbol for the goddess Ma’At.. The heart was weighed against the feather of truth and If the heart was found to be lighter or equal in weight to the feather, the deceased had led a virtuous life and would proceed toward Aaru, their heavenly paradise.

This is for all the goddesses and their journey of truth.


Storm Septimus
Storm Septimus is an English artist living near Manchester, and has been an active contributor to the SL art community since 2013.

– About this build OBR2018 –
I could write a paragraph on why I did what I did , however people will take from this piece different things. Different thoughts , ideas and meanings. I like that and much prefer it to me making speeches on my own views. So I simply say I hope you enjoy the installation and take something away from it that means something to you.


– Current LEA build –
Working title “meet me on the edge”
Due to open mid- late March on LEA28.
I was sent the link (which now I am sharing with you) to these sneaky pics taken on the unfinished build.


– Previous builds –
**The Void**

** The chamber Library**

** Failure to Thrive**

** Invictus**
Storm Septimus: Invictus in Second Life


– With Thanks –

I couldn’t do what I do without the many talented content creators in SL.
So in no particular order THANK YOU to the following for providing me
with the starting pieces to this jigsaw πŸ™‚

* Hive * Studio Skye * Revival
* {anc} * MF * Urban jungle
* Origami * HPMD * Fanatik
* S C H W A C K * Contraption * Applefall
* Tasty * Littlebranch * Daddybootz
* Cube Republic * Woogles * H.W.B.Garden Center
* Thickbrick.sleaford * !Pandemonium * LOVE
* Dwelling Quay’s

I would also like to thank my friends for the support, advice, understanding and time they give me.

Β ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


This is the title of installation by “Lei in Second Life” Committee.
This title is the same of the 2017 Ediction of “2Lei in Second Life”, the great show organized by the Committee from October 2017 to December 2017 in occasion of “International Day for the elimination of violence against Women”.

Here you are the explain text we give away at that time!

Welcome to the 8th edition of 2Lei in Second Life, which, as many of you know, is linked to the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, this year in its 18th edition.
Many of you will know that the date chosen on November 25 is related to the murder of Mirabal sisters, 3 Dominican women who actively supported a protest movement against General Trujillo’s regime with the aim of overthrowing the dictatorship and were killed by the general’s secret police, also because of the great effect that the movement had among the Dominicans.

Many of you will also know that the term feminicide, used for the first time in 1990 and unfortunately in the common use of our official language since 2008, defines in the strict sense “Direct or Proved Killing, Physical Elimination or Moral Abduction of woman and her social role”, quoting Treccani, and in a broader sense “Any form of violence systematically exercised on women in the name of an ideological superstructure of a patriarchal matrix, in order to perpetuate subordination and to eradicate identity through the physical or psychological subordination, to slavery or to death” to quote the Academy of Crusca or the Devoto Oli.

Finally, most of you will know that the data are clear: in 2016, feminicide cases in Italy numbered 120 and in 2017, an average of 1 every 3 days. Over the last 10 years, more than 70% of women killed in Italy have been victims of family members and almost 80% of women who have been stalking have not filed any complaints.

We are here for those who know all this but also, and perhaps above all, for those who do not know or who do not have the courage to accept the evidence of the facts.
We are overwhelmed and often exhausted by the continuous, numerous news regarding episodes of violence inflicted not only on women but on subjects considered weak. The actresses forced to accept the harassment of a producer (one?), the girlfriends killed by the boyfriends, the wives killed by husbands, women killed and harassed by colleagues, acquaintances, neighbors, strangers attacked physically and verbally …
But every act of violence, from the smallest to the greatest, of any kind has a common root: the lack of respect towards those who succumb.

And Respect is the theme of 2Lei this year.
Respect (a male noun) in the essence of the Treccani quotation, it is a sentiment that leads to recognizing someone’s rights, dignity, and personality, and thus to abstain from any manifestation that might offend. It looks simple. Instead it is not.
We want to talk about respect in the broad sense, respect for gender, diversity, different beliefs, skin color, philosophy of life, political ideas. Not to entertain the false equivalence that all ideas have the same dignity, because this is not the case, violence is never, ever, to be given respect..
No one who commits acts of violence, from sexist or racist to feminicide, has respect for others. As a result, he does not even have it for himself, but this is another talk … or maybe not?

Recently, in an interview with Oliver Stone, Putin said something that made us think: to Stone’s question of how to handle such a big power, Putin replied that it was not a matter of quantity, but management of that power.
Even in relation to violence it is the same thing: the management of the power one has in relation to someone who, apparently, does not have power or believes he does not have such power, or is in a position of subservience, or who finds them self in a psychological or even cultural situation where they cannot react.
As mentioned earlier, many victims do not denounce such violence, as if they renounce all self defense, as if they surrender to the power of those who oppress them. But that is not the case: it is a matter of power management, even if it is attributed by the oppressed.

It is therefore urgent to teach respect, which would annul this deadly misunderstanding.
And respect must be taught to men and women, so that nobody can ever be afraid to say “no”‘, “I think differently”, just “enough” or “goodbye”.
The good news is that many, men and women, know, respect, are evolved, are intelligent and sensitive. And many others are working to evolve and they will come to us, with the help of associations and institutions. And why not?
The series of events that will be present this year will be all about this theme. Take part, enjoy yourself, reflect with us.

from The 2Lei Committee

2Lei in Second Life

This is the name of spontaneous committee created by free citizens of Second Life, born in 2010 with the aim of sensitizing the people organizing and publicizing shows and events related to the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women”.

Virtual artists, gallery owners, musicians, men and women in Second Life share a common message of solidarity to the women through their particular art.

Since 2010, the Committee organizes the annual event – with the same name – on 25th November: over time, the participation of citizens in Second LIfe has grown, as well as the number and quality of events.

Of course, on other occasions the committee, through its members, has always organized other events related to the fight against violence towards women: after the end of the edition of 2012, the Committee decided to better organize the rest of the year with the project “2Lei in Second Life 365 days a year,” that extend across the metaverse and year-round events and other initiatives, so that the fight against all forms of violence becomes a daily exercise and not only on November 25.



OBR Resist

iSkye Silverweb
Build Info: “After the Chain Breaks”

We speak of breaking the chain, to end the cycle of oppression and exploitation, but then after the chain is broken, the momentum cannot stop there. We have to change the world for the better, for good. We are in a time now where those in power are striving to reverse the tide of change. This cannot be allowed, we must not be silenced or stopped. The oppression will end when we take away the concept of “power” and in its place there is freedom. For everyone.

Artist Biography:
In RL I am Deaf. My first language is American Sign Language (ASL), but I am fluent in English and somewhat so in Spanish, and learning Italian. I rely heavily on text to communicate in Second Life.
I live in Wisconsin in the United States. I am a web designer and developer by profession. It is something I truly enjoy doing, and so I also volunteer my skills with Virtual Ability, the Rockcliffe University Consortium, VWBPE, and BURN2.
While not a professional, fulltime artist, I’ve been drawing since I was 11 years old, started painting in my teens. Having always been a voracious reader and blessed with a vivid imagination, it was impossible to resist experimenting with writing and painting and drawing all through high school and university. While I started with a major in fine art, ultimately my life’s path diverged from it as a profession. Yet my passion for and deep enjoyment of art have always been the way to find my innermost self, time and again. Art centers me. It reminds me of who we all really are, and, it has been my saving grace in difficult times.
I’ve had an active online life since the late 80s/early 90s, but when I discovered Second Life in 2009, it changed my world. All of a sudden, I was able to not only interact, I could do meaningful things with other people, and be a part of communities and, I could CREATE!
I first entered Second Life in May of 2009, and at first it was a bit .. lonely but there was so much fascinating content in this world – the Holocaust Museum left a HUGE impression on me in the way the history was illustrated. I found other places, like art galleries, beautiful places all over the grid, during the first two weeks of my experiences in SL. During that time nobody communicaed with me. Now, they may have been using voice and I never knew it, but no one acknowledged me in text until one fine day when I landed on Virtual Ability became a mentor with Virtual Ability.
Empowered with text, prims and mesh, textures and colours and light and motion, I love the things we can do in a virtual setting that are simply impossible in real life. All of this combined to spark ideas and urges to create and build and collaborate with others in bringing form to feelings in beautiful and sometimes not so beautiful but meaningful ways.
It is a gift to do this. Gifts are meant to be shared…I am grateful for the opportunities I have had and look forward to many more.

Unfortunately I am terrible at saving and keeping track of links where my art is shown. I don’t keep a website with this information. I create because I must, not because I want to have a portfolio of what I create…
I have listed those I was able to find, below, a few are mine and my thanks to the photographers who snapped the other shots I have listed below. I’ve attempted to put some photos of my artwork into one folder on my Flickr account, in the album titled “Photos of My Artworks” found here: – if you see no link in the list below, the photo is at that location. Other links are to snapshots that were taken by others (to whom I am very grateful).

UWA Freedom Project “Speechless Freedom”
Artwalk “A Writer’s Garden”

BURN2 “A Burner’s Garden”
BURN2 “New Year’s Eve Resolution”

One Billion Rising “Breakthrough: Rise to New Heights”
(also on flickr at thanks to Suellen Heartsong and thanks to Wildstar Beaumont)
SL12B “The Stuff of Dreams”
BURN2 (two different events)
UWA Pursue Impossible “A Touch of Birdsong”

Pop Up Art “The Absent Brained Professor”
One Billion Rising “My Voice Is In My Hands”
On Flickr:
OBR 2016
OBR 2016
OBR 2016
(thanks to Avariel Falcon) (thanks to MIchael Romani)
Ethnographia “Muffled Sounds of Summer”
UWA Immaterial “Windy Memories”
SL13B “Our Stories Together”
ArtWalk 2016 “Under Da Sea”
ArtWalk 2016 “Frog v. Moose”

BURN2 “Family Tree”
LEA6: “The Colours of Loss and Healing” (which is now moved to Ethnographia Island)
One Billion Rising: “We Are Persistent”
Kultivate Spring Art Show “Springtime Doodles”
Raglan Shire Artwalk (3 builds):
“Edna and Abner Story Time”
“Urban Delight”
“Mandala Messages”
SL14B “Hippie Carnivalesque”

LEA Emphatic Eccentricia
ArtFest 2018
One Billion Rising: “Beyond the Broken Chain”


Daark Gothly
I invite you
We Are Strong
We Stand Together

……….. Wash off the Stain of the Past






Giovanna Cerise
” To all women” – ” A tutte le donne”

inspired by the poetry of Alda Merini

A tutte le donne
Fragile, opulenta donna, matrice del paradiso
sei un granello di colpa
anche agli occhi di Dio
malgrado le tue sante guerre
per l’emancipazione.
Spaccarono la tua bellezza
e rimane uno scheletro d’amore
che perΓ² grida ancora vendetta
e soltanto tu riesci
ancora a piangere,
poi ti volgi e vedi ancora i tuoi figli,
poi ti volti e non sai ancora dire
e taci meravigliata
e allora diventi grande come la terra. ( Version original)

Giovanna Cerise Biography
Italian literature teacher and musician. In june 2009 I exposed on Pyramid, and then after, in many Italian and foreign galleries. I’ve contributed to events related to RL, such as Arte Fiera di Padova, lodged by french artist Patrick Moya (aka Moya Janus).
I attended are SLB11, SLB10, SLB9 and SLB8, Art & Poetry Project (created by Rosanna Galvani aka Roxelo Babenco), for which I exhibited at the Brera Academy, Carp Diabolus and Metales, 2LEI, a demonstration against violence against women. I took part with my works at β€œOne billion rising at Second life”

From November 2011 as well as exhibitions in galleries I devoted primarily to the design and construction of large installation:
-Variations On The magic flute (January 2012)
-CyBorg Nature,per UWA Sky Sim for series (February 2012
– “The opposite and completion” for the Academy of Brera with a work inspired by Narcissus and Goldmund by Herman Hesse , and that was shown in the physical location of the Academy of Brera in Milan, through the projection screen. (June 2012)
-Synesthesya for Split screen ( July 2012)
-Reflections for LEA Land Grant (November 2012)
– Sherazade: if you want to survive- tell a story (Curated by Heidi Dahlsveen/Mimesis Monday) (May 2013)
-Arithmos for LEA Land Grant (October 2013)
-Fisicofollia for LEA full sim series (December 2013)
-Suffocation- Energy – The game of life- Delirium for For the project ” Your breath was shed” created by Mimesis Monday/ Heidi Dahlsveen (Mars 2014)
– Il folle volo at Lost Town (august 2014)
– Chaos, kosmos for LEA Land Grant (November 2014)
– Speculum for LEA full sim Series (February 2015)
– The eternal suspense for LEA Land Grant (May 2015)
– Anniversary of different district at MetaLes ( June 2015)
– Tristan and Isolde at Italianverse (July 2015)
– Memories at Ber by Nordan Art (octobre 2015)
– Monochrome for LEA full sim series (octobre 2016)
– Flashback/ flashforward For Split screen

I then participated in the Burn2 – 2013, where I was as an artist, with the installation “Diamonds” and at Burn2 -2012 with the artwork β€œCreativity”
At december 2012 I took part in the collective exhibition β€œPolvere di Stelle d’Arte” and at december 2013 in the collective exhibition “RED SHOES” curated by Mexi Lane in Second Life, events related to that in real life organized by Francesca Barbi Marinetti in Margutta RistorArte in Rome.
I took part with my work at β€œOne billion rising at Second life” and at the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the birth of the Beatles organized by Arte libera.
The pictures of my works have been included in the book β€œ Sfiorami l’anima”of the poetess Cinzia Dipace.
I have been invited to exhibit at The 7th International Printmaking Biennial of Douro_2014.PT and in TheProjecto, Nucleo de Desonvilmento Cultural na Republica das artes – Portugal in rl.
I am involved in a large group show organized by Rosanna Galvani axa Roxelo Babenco nell’opensim Craft, for The Museum of the Metaverse.
In April 2017 I participated in the collective art dada opera in Brescia ( Italy)

For more detailed information on all my activities

I currently exhibit at Diotima with:
From the worlds to world.


John Brianna
Emotions of Abuse
About my installation:
My installation is entitled “Emotions of Abuse”. It highlights some of the main emotions that an abused person experiences if they are going through abuse. Click on each house for a quote about that particular emotion.
The build is set in a white picket fence setting, with black and white people to highlight that right under your noses there could be abuse even beyond those white picket fences.
The installation is in memory of my late sister, Kandis, who was a victim of abuse. Info about Kandis can be found at the installation.

About Johannes1977 Resident:
Real life and current United States Marine Corps Officer, who did two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.
While deployed in the war zones, I would take photos to show my view of the wars and the scenery. I love black and white photography, mixed with sepia and vintage tones in order to channel a vintage look.

FLICKR: (some collections are hidden, please contact me if you would like to see them)

Mixed Pieces at Epic Chromatic (personal gallery)

Black & White Exhibition 2017
Kultivate Spring Sensuality Art Exhibition 2017
Burn 2 Equinox Event 2017
Castle Art Collection at Art in the Park 2017
BURN 2’s Chinese New Year Celebration Exhibit – 2017
The Barn Collection at Art in the Park 2016
Fallscapes #2 at Brook Hill Gallery 2016
Da Vinci’s Workshop Exhibition at Burn 2 2016
The Neuenstein Collection at Holly Kai Art Park 2016
Rock Your Rack Charity Art Show 2016
The Mask Collection at The Dirty Grind 2016
Windlight Summer Art Show 2016
Bradley University’s VCL Fall 2016 Show
“The Eleseren Collection” at Gallery 23 at The Virtual Chelsea Hotel – curated by Enola Em
“Bowlarity” exhibition at SL13B
2016 Raglanshire Artwalk
Windlight Summer Art Show 2016
Picnic on the Playa at Burn 2
“Seasons of Life” exhibition on LEA 4:

(for more see the notecard at the installation)

-Owner, Publisher, & Editor in Chief of Kultivate Magazine:
Curator of Kultivate Select Gallery:
Curator of The Red Gallery:
Co-Curator of The Bailywick Gallery:
-Linden Endowment of the Arts (LEA) Advisory Committee Member (2015 to 2017):
-I created the “Postcards From BayCity Collection” for the Bay City Celebrations. Contact for this project is Marianne McCann
Former Curator of Creations Art Gallery-2015-2016


-Co Founder & Advisory Board Member of Team Diabetes of SL, an official and authorized team of the American Diabetes Association:
-Vice Chair of Logistics for VWBPE:
-Owner of Ristorante Ivanna, Tribute & Crown Pub, and Mahlberg Tailors



Eleseren Brianna
Bruises on the inside

Info about piece ‘Bruises on the inside’ by Eleseren Brianna
I am a survivor of domestic abuse, and learned through getting therapy and support that I did not need to feel ashamed or guilty about the childhood I experienced. My piece reflects the honesty of my experience, and is deliberately simple and stark as domestic abuse and child abuse is not pretty. I also wanted to highlight something that is still not taken seriously, women abusing men. It happens. One Billion Rising reflects the violence done to women, and that is a vitally important mission, however let us not forget women are also sometimes the abusers, to men, and to children.

I am a new Artist in SL, though I have exhibited several times in 2012/3 in Inworldz with Dreamz & Visionz group. I am primarily a model and Designer in SL, and just beginning to branch out now into photographic art, though primarily still with a Fashion focus.

Flickr –

I am now very happy to be Editor and Curator of The Edge and COO for Kultivate Magazine.

In real life I trained originally as an Illustrator, with a B.A. (hons) in Illustration from Camberwell School of Arts & Crafts. I am also a trained Couture Designer Dressmaker and ran my own bridalwear business for several years, and a trained Art Therapist.

SL Shows
– Windlight Fellow Winter Showcase Jan/Feb 2016
– Ville de Coeur Winter Photo competition Jan 2016 (5th place prize)
– Galleria Kakku – Feb 2016 onwards
– Burn2 Equinox – April 2016
– The Living Room – April 2016
– Windlight Spring Showτ€€
– Holly Kai Park – April 2016
– Art in the Park – May 2016
– Chelsea Hotel – June 2016
– Raglanshire Art Walk – June 2016
– Kultivate Summer Art Festival – August 2016 (2D and 3D)
Bradley University’s CVL Fall 2016 Art Show – curated by Valibrarian Gregg – Sept 2016
The Curio Exhibition at Serena Arts Center – 10-30 Sept 2016
2D, 3D and written word
Burn2 – October – The Glockenspiel 3D Fashion/Art Fusion Exhibition
Kultivate Select Gallery – Winter Exhibition December 2016
Kultivate Spring Sensuality Exhibition – May 2017
Raglanshire Art Walk – June 2017
Kultivate Second Anniversary Weekend – June 2017
Kultivate Black and White Exhibition (3D piece) July 2017
Kultivate Kandis Gallery – Jan 2018

Home Gallery – Epic Chromatic at Windlight


Women in S.T.E.A.M. @ OBR 2018
Thuja Hynes and Whole Brain health at Inspiration Island are pleased present “Women In STEAM,” a fun, informative, and interactive exhibit of the accomplishments and experiences of notable women in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.
The opening of this center coincided with International Women and Girls In Science Day, sponsored by the United Nations.
This collaborative exhibit aims to address the challenges for females undertaking STEAM study and careers, and to present forward-looking and pro-active options.

About Whole Brain Health @ Inspiration Island
Welcome to Inspiration Island in SecondΒ Life!
We are a collaborative group of more than 30 teachers, artists, writers, musicians, healers, gamesters, facilitators and wisdomseekers.
Our full schedule of events supports development of 5 general realms of wholeness and well-being: Cognitive Creative Purpose Physical and Self-Care.
Director and sim-owner is Lissena Wisdomseeker


OBR Unite

The #MeToo Forest
Every year at One Billion Rising in Second Life, we host fabulous and thought-provoking art installations all around the four regions that make up the event. This year, we are opening an installation that everyone can be a part of.
Called the #MeToo forest, this is both a honouring of the #MeToo phenomenon that has allowed so many women to finally share their stories, and an open invitation to you all to share your stories, messages and poems. These will be attached to the trees so that as you explore this quiet and beautiful space, you will share the stories of others.
If you would like to contribute to the #MeToo Forest, please complete the form:


Pixxie Snowpaw

Life Within By Pixxie Snowpaw
No matter what life throws at us
No matter what people do to us

No matter how low you are
No matter how many scars

There is always life inside
If we’re still breathing we can rise

Rise against the ones who threw us down
Rise up so we can stand our ground


βœΏβ•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β™«βœ¦β•.β—₯ β—€.β•βœ¦β™ͺ β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•βœΏ βœΏβ•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β™«βœ¦β•.β—₯ β—€.β•βœ¦β™ͺ β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•βœΏ




βœΏβ•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β™«βœ¦β•.β—₯ β—€.β•βœ¦β™ͺ β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•βœΏ βœΏβ•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β™«βœ¦β•.β—₯ β—€.β•βœ¦β™ͺ β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•βœΏ


Isadora and Emma


Saffia Widdershins
Issues of Representation of Women, or Censorship?
=This installation is about a recent event at the Manchester Art Gallery in the UK when the Gallery, one of the leading repositories of nineteenth century art in the UK, decided to remove one of its most popular works from display.
You’ll find more about the reasons why this was done inside the gallery, where you will find links to a series of articles from The Guardian newspaper and the Gallery’s blog.
You will also find information on the story of Hylas and about the artist.
This action has caused much discussion in the UK where it has raised questions of censorhip, of questions about the representation of women in art (often passive, often semi-naked?), and of custodianship. All galleries have more paintings than they have space to display. What should guide them in choosing which to display?
Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, there is a mailbox. Touch it, and you can leave an immediate message saying what you think about this. If you want to leave a longer message, there’s a box for notecards too.


OBR Dance

Alisaundra Andel
Alisaundra Andel joined Second Life in 2008. A Photographer in real life, she couldn’t help but “pick up the camera” in SL too. Always just capturing whatever catches the eye, it blossomed into so much more. Photographs for various regions, private hire, blog work, working for Linden Labs on occasion, and her most beloved of projects for the last six years. Fantasy Faire / Relay for Life.

One Billion Rising is another project she is proud to have been invited to. Not only as a photographer, but a decorator as well. Designing two parcels in the event. Combining the help of Yesnein “Jayso” Resident and Kerotan Asadar, all in all the parcels combine, photography, decoration and poses free for anyone to take.

“It has been quite the experience. The photography for One Billion Rising pushed me to seek depth to my work. One picture in particular, “Why” really made me feel for all those victims, all those survivors, all those that have lived and endured that fear and pain and break down. I had to put myself in their shoes. I had to take on what they had to. Crawling their way out, fighting back the demons of guilt and torture. Is it my fault? Is it theirs? Yeah that piece really hit me hard.

The builds themselves, in the gallery, I wanted to provide a rush of symbolism, from colours to items sprinkled around. Red meaning passion and fury. Green meaning Mother Earth, how the green surrounds the red, hugging it, to keep it calm , keep it safe. The ships are a masculine touch. The Crowns, feminine. The rocks, the mist, all signifying the level of trials and obstacles you have to go through to get to the end of it all. Climbing up the stone stares with scratches and tear on your hands and knees until you lift yourself up to find a shadow of what you were already building to a new and better you.

On the other parcel, I wanted to give you a sense of freedom. Air, breath, life, freedom! The small journey from dealing with it all but coming out triumphantly not just by yourself but with friends . In this build the colours start dark , but you cross that last bridge and you see the world more vibrant and bright. Rising through it all. Learning to Resist ! And with the help of friends and family you Unite ! Each of these holding a pose for people to try and take a copy of themselves.

So decoration was flowers and butterflies, a hot air balloon lifting you up through the celebratory trees that are cheering for you as you fly up up high ! The water around surrounding you with the strong embrace to remind you to BE STRONG.

It has been an honor becoming part of this event. It made me dig, deep, within myself and hug you all.
You all did it ladies, sisters, mothers, aunts, friends. You all did it. – Alisaundra’s Flickr – Her Blog


Sharni Azalee


2D Gallery
Created and curated by Alisaundra Andel
Images by Alisaundra Andel, Slatan Dryke, Lily Lovelace and Carelyn

(For Alisaundra’s information, see above)

Slatan Dryke
“Photography… My Photography is not an Art Expression. It’s only a way to bust from myself… however, being closer to my Kernel”. – Slatan Dryke –

“The suspended moment intervenes during the action, and suddenly it blows up in a sharp lapse into yore”. – Slatan Dryke –

In RL Slatan loves Art in every expression, but he is most fond of paintings and sculptures, following his classical education. Slatan is also a photographer in RL.
Always the traveler, Slatan loves to wander across the grid, finding new pockets of beauty for his pictures, thanks to the creativity and imagination of fellow residents.
Slatan is a perfectionist in taking his pictures, never missing a single detail. The ratio, the framing and windlight are quite an obsession, until finally the right image is in his viewfinder. Slatan rarely uses an editor to modify his pictures, so he likes to say his works are “natural”.
On the other hand, Slatan admits to have limited skills in building, so he creates his sculptures, not following a real scheme, but only indulging his instinct and his love for abstract forms, which are often slight but become alive with a creative use of textures, lights and movements. Slatan likes to use old-school SL building methods, with a preference for prims in their multiple aspects rather than mesh.
Some of his sculptures and photographies are on permanent display in other art galleries including at the University of Western Australia (UWA), and he has displayed his work at a number of main SL events: BURN2’s events including Santalarity, Burnal Equinox, Conception; SL Birthdays, Raglan Shire’s ArtWalk, Art in the Park, Emphatic Eccentricia, Seaside Gallery, Oxford @rts Gallery. Cape Able Art Gallery, Ethnographia, Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA), Windlight Art Gallery, Holly Kay Art Park and many others.


As a photographer, he shows his work on his own Flickr page at

Lily Lovelace
Lily Lovelace joined Second Life in 2012. She always liked photography and art, and since she couldn’t afford an own camera equipment in RL she decided to take “photos” in Second Life and edit them in Photoshop.
In her pictures, she loves to demonstrate emotions a lot … loneliness, contemplation and storytelling are her main subjects.

To express herself even more, she soon learned how to make her own poses she could use in her photos. She then thought it was a shame to let those poses “rot” in her inventory and decided to sell them to other SL users.
What simply began with “Lily’s Poses” has now grown into “KOPFKINO” (a German expression for something like “head cinema” which means the movie you often see, when you hear or see something and ideas coming into your mind), not only selling poses but mesh objects, too. Lily loves to be creative and learn new things everyday.

You can visit her store in SL here:
or on SL Marketplace:

To see more of her work take a look at her flickr stream:

Second Life gave me the opportunity to reach two dreams of my childhood . I grew up on a boat, and I took art classes and learned to paint on an easel with oil paints.

Sailing and painting are two important dimensions of my personality. My real life followed a different path but I held fast to my imaginary and artistic sensibilities.

I do not plan anything in advance. I just let it happen. I like to explore new worlds and experiences, and sometimes I feel a special energy accumulating inside my soul. Then I stop and take a picture. I like fresh views and I try to catch the feeling of the moment.


Eliza Wierwight
When considering a work for One Billion Rising my mind instantly went to two woman’s stories that have strongly resonated with me over the years, both of which initially depicted as children at the source. One of Kim Phuc ‘the napalm girl’ as seen in the chilling Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph taken at TrαΊ£ng BΓ ng during the Vietnam War on June 8 1972, by photographer Nick Ut. The other story of Marie Van Goethem, as depicted by the Degas Sculpture ‘The Little dancer aged 14’, representative of the young female members of the corps de ballet (petits rats) of the Paris Opera. The child prostitutes of the time. That’s a horrendous & winding road of distortions and potential variance of perception. My diversions on this path took me to interview podcasts, literature, music, art, fiction and non-fiction, iconic figures and woman at the forefront of consideration for the rights of others. Even a quick email to Jane Elliot the anti-racism activist, educator, feminist and LGBT activist. Known for her “Blue eyes–Brown eyes” exercise. To which, within 3 hours and much to my absolute shock-delight, replied and she still scares me, because an intellect and drive as concise at Jane’s reminds us all that there is always a need for progression. If nothing else I had the opportunity that had never occurred to me. To simply thank Jane for her influence in my life and for the fact I raised a son who values woman and their rights as they are entitled, equally.

My thanks to Saffia Widdershins for her invitation to contribute to the phenomenal collectives of work for OBR. Saffia is a rock, we’re very fortunate to have a woman of such diverse and genuine qualities in our corner, on any given day. Saffia please adopt me.

I’m Australian, living in the beautiful Whitsundays region, I have three cats, I can’t have more because well, you know. So to temper my desire to have a personal Zoo of my own I work in fauna rescue at least 24 hours a week, which I love. I’m involved in grass roots solutions to solving the problem of single-use plastics and the devastation it is causing Worldwide, I prefer my arts with a good dose of activism these days, or at least it better make you cry, feel something, rage, anything. I’m a mother of a charming young man and a Digital Content Creator, I do lamps and stuff. Really really nice lamps, if you don’t count the Monkey one I released back in 2011. Less miscreancy now, Patron SIM – store etc is mine. I’ve no formal arts background though have had a positive association with the University of Western Australian challenges over the years, design the occasional poster for them now as the one current and just occasionally I take this creative sojourns to ‘Art’. I hope you enjoy the experience.

Apparently, I need to share more ‘stuff’ I’ve been a little negligent in keeping a portfolio of it, I get distracted by shiny things all too easily.

Ekphrasis: Eliza Wierwight

Eliza Wierwight's Banyan House - DW Set

Patron Banyan House Edition
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Krystali Rabeni
Krystali Rabeni is a Second Life artist and business woman. Her various and often controversial works of art have appeared across the grid since 2007 and at One Billion Rising since 2014.

This piece is called ‘UPRISING’
The artist would rather the work speak for itself than guide the viewer toward any particular thoughts.
Make of it what you will. There is no right or wrong, only,