More About the Music 2018

12 midnight – 2am
DJ Cherry

2am – 4am
DJ Cheeky
A guitar player of some 32 years and a broadcaster of 23 years, DJ Cheeky has spent the last 2 and a half years in SL spinning the tunes, playing the spoons, and playing his guitar, providing entertainment around various venues. DJ Cheeky has also been totally blind since birth but has not allowed this to deter him from doing what he loves.

4am – 6am
DJ Fluf

6am – 7am
DJ Jasmyn

7am – 8am
DJ Harry

8am – 9am

9am – 10am
DJ Dann

10am – 11am
DJ Floreo

If you’re looking for an Interesting, Eclectic Mix of music that includes not only rock and pop, but forays into dubstep, techno, dub and more, then come to DJ Flo’s expertly-mixed explorations of music!  Hailing from the land of the Dutch, her collection is vast and fascinating, always a joy to hear!  Come and learn something new and DANCE!  WooT!

11am – 12 noon
DJ Elrik

Elrik Merlin has been a broadcaster since the days of the British pirate stations in the late 1960s. He has been a regular presenter on Radio Riel for the past decade where he presents programming across an eclectic range of genres, from Early Music to classic rock and folk. He is also co-presenter of the hit weekly TV show on design and designers in virtual worlds, Designing Worlds, which also has its 10th anniversary this year. He has performed at One Billion Rising in SL every year since its inception and is proud to have been asked to appear this year.

12 noon – 1pm
DJ Shine

Shine Sideshow has been DJ’g in SL since August of 2015 when Altitude, the Alt/Indie music club she co-runs, opened. She often plays Italian indie music and has a preference for female singer-songwriters and English bands. When asked why she DJs, Shine replied, ” I enjoy sharing the music I like with others and I’m a big fan of local chat… my favourite times on SL are the evenings spent chatting and listening to good tunes.” Come down to One Billion Rising Unite sim on February 14th from Noon to 1:00PM SLT to hear her set, or head on over to Altitude and check out a set there! (Altitude Group – secondlife:///app/group/cff8e537-b862-af23-68b0-a8571963a97d/about)

1pm – 2pm
DJ Morli

In RL MorlitaM was born in Galicia,Spain in 1988.

Study Institutional Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing and Protocol
Begins to play percussion and guitar at age 8
Since the age of 16 she produces and spin music, works with visual arts for different organizations, Focusing on fields of
Theater, photography, music, graphic design and poetry.
Shee currently works under the artistic name Morlitam., as musician for the NAIF Records Label ,
Starting the second experimental style album and composing soundtracks for short films and filmographies.
In parallel preparing abstract art exhibitions

* Music Links:

* Poetry link  (some of them edited or winners in international contest):

(All webs and contents protected by license)

In SL MORLITA Quan was born in 2008:
DJ,composer,2D and 3D artist, begins exhibitions at 2010 and keeps working with music and arts

2pm – 3pm
DJ Emma
When asked what music do you play Emma never really seems to be able to give a straight answer. “I mix.. and I consider a set as a whole. I often like slower tempos and dusty or grainy soundscapes, mostly music that matured, stood the test of time. I might play from the warmth of jazz funk soul disco, maybe reggae or classical music into the harshness of fast beating warehouse, acid, techno.. you can think of musical genres as colours that allow me to ‘paint’ an atmosphere, a small story, a journey. So please don’t ask me to choose only one, I want them all and evoke emotions, like a painting that makes you move and makes you want to move your body.”

Emma often talks about dancing..
“…and with dancing comes music. Music that carries dancing.. like hands. Sometimes it will be soft hands caressing, teasing you or touching happily telling you they want to hold you. Sometimes they will guide you with a firm grip to places you’d never knew you’d enjoy or carefully lay you down after a long evening.

so maybe let’s hold hands tonight and see.. oh and dance”

Listen to her sets –

3pm – 4pm
DJ Iain Lordhunter
Iain has been DJing in SL for over 6 years in clubs such as Popscene, The Hacienda, The Bannister & Shamrock, and AAi.  Currently he spins every other Saturday at The Glue House, and co-owns Chess Club which features hour long sets from guest DJs in many different styles.  He specialises in alternative music, whether it be indie, punk, psychedelic rock, or underground beats, but likes to throw in a guilty pleasure at every possible opportunity.

4pm – 5pm
DJ Khaz Rotaru

Khaz plays unique Sets, preferably at Events and not within regular DJ slot Patterns. Currently she’s a Resident at the artsy Club “Blue Orange”. Khaz has a passion for music and has been DJing for years. She mixes live with Virtual DJ and makes it a point to never drop the same tune twice to the same audience.

5pm – 6pm
John Hogman – live singer
John Hogman is a resident of Ontario, Canada. He enjoys playing music for years for personal use and SL is a perfect platform to entertain you the best he can. Classic rock has been his favorite, but he also likes to mix it up with pop and country as well. He enjoys interacting with the crowd during his shows and encourage participation, making everyone feel welcome.

Connect with him on Facebook –

6pm – 7pm
DJ Nymian
Nymian Samme is a DJ at Virtual Ephemera; real life daughter of DJ Hawkes Broome – who continues to inspire her love for DJing. This nut of a character plays anything you want to hear, but sticks to throwbacks and playing tunes from the good ol’ days. When she’s not DJing or wearing her manager hat, she’s making friends or making someone laugh with her antics. Passions include her family, friends, and her 3 gorgeous kitties.

7pm – 8pm
DJ J M Freakshow

JM  is a talented DJ from Philidelphia in United States. He has been spinning in SL for almost 8 years. He plays a variety of different styles to suit the various venues he has had the fortune to DJ at.

When asked to describe their style or let people know what to expect from their set, they replied:

Where to start….. I love music… but everyone says that, it’s fun to make mash ups mixes, I started with just vdj, it wasnt enough, then I got numark mixtrack … still wasn’t enough, moved on to denon mc6000 which I love. Then got denon 3700 cdjs pioneer ddj t1 and now ddj sz. I’ll try to mix all styles of music, but been stuck on deep house / tech tunes and that chill vibe.

Listen to him on Soundcloud –
Find him on Facebook –

8pm – 9pm
Wolfie – live singer

With her love of music firmly in tow, Wolfie has released her first album which is a heartfelt blend of contemporary pop, country, and blues.  Each song on her album is written by herself, making sure that her music and lyrics are moving, inspirational, and thoughtful.  This ensures that more than a few of her songs will get stuck in your head while you listen to each of her tracks.

Wolfie believes that music should tell a story or a lesson in life, which leads her to write songs that have real meaning and lyrics that others can relate to them.  This makes sure that each song expresses how she feels while still encouraging each listener to discover what each song can mean to themselves.

9pm – 10pm
Toxic (Toxie) Darkmatter – live singer
We use Art to decorate blank walls… I use music to decorate the silence. Toxie has a rich, sultry voice and quirky personality that brings a lot of fun to the stage. She brings a new meaning to the words sultry and sizzle with a collection of music that’s a blend of classic to contemporary, sweet to naughty. Enjoy jazz? Blues? Rock? A little pop? Bring your requests, be ready to sing along, and let her show you just how much she loves the music she shares with us during her “musical therapy.”

Listen here: ——–
Facebook: ——–

10pm – 11pm
DJ Luca

11pm – 12midnight
DJ Kess

Our very own DJ Kess closes out the days events with an hour of multi-genre empowering tunes! Best described as eclectic dj enjoying hard rock, alt and indie, dance and pop music Kess has over 10 years of experience dj’g in Second Life and spends her time when not dj’g blogging and working on projects like One Billion Rising as a PR and Marketing Manager.