SL Artists Rising 2016

OBR 2016: Artistic Uprising

OBR 2016: Artistic Uprising

For information about 2Lei and their special event at 12 noon, go here.


Loredana Loring – Kenyan Women: the Evolution of Africa
Additional artists Fran Gustav, lotrec Oh

The setting reflects the environment of our project.
Our photographic journey is dedicated to the changing condition of the women in one of the poorest areas of Kenya and that we support in Second Life. The project manager is Margaret Ongombeh, a tenacious and courageous woman who has earned the confidence of all, challenging the ancient oppositions of a male-dominated society.

His example, in 20 years, has changed the traditions of the community, step by step: the schools were born and then the college, medical centers, experimental crops, small enterprises supported by micro-credit projects for women.

Like her, the women and girls of Nyandiwa are beautiful, buds waiting to be transformed into bright flowers, in a slow and gradual metamorphosis that will be the Future of Africa. No more brides of 10 years, our female students now carry within themselves the sunshine, the dignity and strength of an entire continent.

We work in SL and RL, fundraising for No Profit ‘Brownsea Foundation’ and Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Project.

The International Project of Cooperation and Solidarity was started in 1983 with the aim of improving the welfare among the communities of this area; it promotes the social, cultural and economic growth of the Nyandiwa peninsula, on the shores of Lake Victoria, one of the poorest areas of Kenya.

We sell for charity to help the NGO Brownsea Foundation (Harambee Gwassi-Kenya project) in SL since 2008




B & B – They Say I Say

Together, Blue Mikado and Thickbrick Sleaford make up B & B.

Additional artists: Special thanks to Natalya Lore for her help with the words, Joanne Furlough, and Ryonen Moon for their help with scripting.

There’s more than one side to any conversation. We created this exhibit to push back on the social narratives that have been fed to us – challenging people to become agents of positive change and social justice by changing the conversations that surround us every day.

Each of the boxes in this build contain two different narratives – depending on whether you click on the dark side, or the light side of the box. One side contains familiar narratives that carry both explicit and tacit oppressive assumptions that serve to marginalize and reinforce stereotypes and inequality. The other side, contains a counter-narrative that exposes these unfair assumptions, and presents various ways that we can fight back, and speak what is in our hearts.

In order to change the world, we must change our words, and our conversations so that we can empower and include everyone.

They say that we must do things in this way, and I say, we can do something very different!

We can change the world by changing our words.

 Together, Blue Mikado and Thickbrick Sleaford make up B & B. This will be their second year at OBR. They have also had art installations at Burn2 in Second Life, and have contributed to the annual Relay for Life Art Auction at the Builder’s Brewery. There work is an eclectic combination of words told through mesh and prim – utilizing the unique nature of Second Life to actively promote social justice and change.


DrFran Babcock – Violence Against Women Brings Nothing to the Table

Additional artists: Lomgren Smalls helped with the script.

Violence Against Women Brings Nothing to the Table
I have a friend, Bill, who hates snow. Whenever it snows here in NY he says: “I hate snow; it brings nothing to the table.” We all laugh when he says this, but he has a point. He doesn’t like snow, and it improves nothing in his opinion.?

The same can be said for Violence Against Women. Just what does it bring to the table? I can’t think of one positive thing.

This display/installation is meant to educate and motivate. In fact, in my opinion, violence against women is at the root of many, if not most, of the ills in this world.?If you follow along, you may come to see that violence has no place in this beautiful world, and clearly, brings nothing to the table.?

Hope you get something from this.

DrFran Babcock
I just like to create, because it is the opposite of destroy, and there are enough destructive forces in this life. Creating makes me feel good, so I do it.



Giovanna Cerise – Let her become woman

Each year, 15 million girls are married before the age of 18. That is 28 girls every minute – married off too soon, endangering their personal development and wellbeing. With more young people on our planet than ever before, child marriage is a human rights violation that we must end to achieve a fairer future for all.

Envrionment setting: midnight

Giovanna Cerise
Italian literature teacher and musician, I’m in SL since December of 2008 and it is at work tied up mine in RL, that of teacher. I immediately started manipulating prim and soon Sl has been for me above all the place to create. In june 2009 I exposed on Pyramid, and then after, in many Italian and foreign galleries I’ve contributed to events related to RL, such as Arte Fiera di Padova, lodged by french artist Patrick Moya (aka Moya Janus).

I attended are SLB11, SLB10, SLB9 and SLB8, Art & Poetry Project (created by Rosanna Galvani aka Roxelo Babenco), for which I exhibited at the Brera Academy, Carp Diabolus and Metales, 2LEI, a demonstration against violence against women. From November 2011 as well as exhibitions in galleries I devoted primarily to the design and construction of large installation:

-Variations On The magic flute (January 2012)

-CyBorg Nature,per UWA Sky Sim for series (February 2012

– “The opposite and completion” for the Academy of Brera with a work inspired by Narcissus and Goldmund by Herman Hesse , and that was shown in the physical location of the Academy of Brera in Milan, through the projection screen. (June 2012)

-Synesthesya for Split screen ( July 2012)

-Reflections for LEA Land Grant (November 2012)

– Sherezade: if you want to survive- tell a story (Curated by Heidi Dahlsveen/Mimesis Monday) (May 2013)

-Arithmos for LEA Land Grant (October 2013)

-Fisicofollia for LEA full sim series (December 2013)

-Suffocation- Energy – The game of life- Delirium for For the project ” Your breath was shed” created by Mimesis Monday/ Heidi Dahlsveen (Mars 2014)

– Il folle volo at Lost Town (august 2014)

– Chaos, kosmos for LEA Land Grant (November 2014)

Speculum for LEA full sim Series (February 2015)

I then participated in the Burn2 – 2013, where I was as an artist, with the installation “Diamonds” and at Burn2 -2012 with the artwork “Creativity”

In December 2012 I took part in the collective exhibition “Polvere di Stelle d’Arte” and at december 2013 in the collective exhibition “RED SHOES” curated by Mexi Lane in Second Life, events related to that in real life organized by Francesca Barbi Marinetti in Margutta RistorArte in Rome.

I took part with my work at “One billion rising at Second life” and at the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the birth of the Beatles organized by Arte libera.

The pictures of my works have been included in the book “ Sfiorami l’anima”of the poetess Cinzia Dipace.

I have been invited to exhibit at The 7th International Printmaking Biennial of Douro_2014.PT in rl and actally in TheProjecto, Nucleo de Desonvilmento Cultural na Republica das artes – Portugal

Currently I am involved in a large group show organized by Rosanna Galvani axa Roxelo Babenco nell’opensim Craft, for The Museum of the Metaverse.!giovanna-cerise/coez

For more information:


Krystali Rabeni – 1. Lisa

Though this particular installation may be shocking to some, it is a reality for many others. Lisa represents every child caught up in the horror of what should be a beautiful childhood.


Krystali Rabeni – 2. It’s closer than you think

I’d like to think this is Lisa and her mother, escaping the abuse and horror of a place they called home. The installation shows how close we all are to abuse. How it may be happening right next door to you or even in your own home. The message is clear…Leave, get out….Freedom is closer than you think.


Royal Shippe – Rise

The female shapes on the installation serves as a reminder to everyone to reach from whatever bad situation they might find themselves in. Reach for something better and rise. Everyone deserves a second chance at happiness and joy – that’s what this piece is all about.


TheDove Rhode – Firefly Garden

Additional artists: UltraViolet Alter & Ataro Aslink

We sense a calm breeze as it passes near the ponds reeds, offering a breath of refreshment, renewing. uplifting whisper. A small haven for rejuvenation and reflective dreaming, wishing and believing. Often life is a challenge, so take a few moments and find your balance. Today we share the Hope for dreams and wishing, believing in what is a brighter life for each and every one. Small bit of information set out for others if they would like what we have to share. Be Well.

TheDove Rhode is CEO, Owner Of S&S Gallery, Peace Is A Choice Gallery, artist, messy builder, dancer, dreamer for over 8.5 years within Second Life. Currently working with LEA in SL and supporter of The Arts and Live Music! In 1st I am semi-retired Advocate for DV and SA, certified in my home state. I work in many mediums as a creator, for design and crafting as well as bit of weaving. I do paint, carve in cedar, make pottery, drum, play a couple flutes and few other instrument’s. I so support my local community in many humane ways. I am a humanitarian and love living a sustainable lifestyle.


voyngher – Life is beautiful

Additional artists – Fran Gustav

In a surreal World, some women live in the desert, a barren desert of feelings and affection, chained to everyday life difficulties.
Small… ongoing drops of violence.

My exhibition is the Yell of Women who say:
“Stop the Violence!”
The Women who break the fear and the shame chains by cutting the wires emotional blackmail.
And with the an armor of courage, raising their arms to the sky saying: “The Life is Beautiful, and I want to live in Peace!”.

Don’t be afraid or ashamed of fighting the violence with the non-violence.

Lift up your voice and shout: Stop the Violence!

One shout
A single voice…
One Billion Rising!

I’m really new in Second Life 🙂 But I have attended two Burn2 Events and I had the honor of being photographed by Torley Linden and posted in his Flicker. My desire for Art… the Colors, the Graphic, the Light of Second life push me, every day, to discover the real potential of… a Prim. In Real Life I was born as a Master of Art. I am passionate about Graphics and all forms of Art. I try to interpret the Reality through my artistic sensibility: each tool is helpful for me to turn my feelings and my surroundings, in an artistic event because the Music, the Graphic, the Painting are part of me.


iSkye Silverweb – My Voice Is In My Hands

Deaf women are often unaware of resources to help them. English is frequently not the first language of a Deaf person, which puts her at a disadvantage.

Deaf women face three problems, all going back to the same root: communication. Language, trust and safety – whom can she communicate with, whom can she trust to help her and how can she be safe?

We use our hands to talk, comfort and guide.  My voice is in my hands.

I am a Deaf woman. My first language is American Sign Language (ASL), but I am fluent in English and somewhat so in Spanish.  I rely heavily on text to communicate in Second Life.

Art is not my profession, but it has been my saving grace. Writing, drawing, and 3D creation have brought me through many difficult moments, and allowed me to have a voice in visual form. i cannot remain silent, but through art, I don’t have to.


FreeWee Ling – Flight support

There’s a giver for a free copy of the FreeDance pose and mannequin shown.

Research Fellow/Curator, University of Western Australia 3D Art Challenges.



Cleo Rabeni – Somewhere….Over the Rainbow

Additional artists: Krystali Rabeni

I would like to thank Krystali Rabeni for her assistance in helping with this build.

Hope it brings a rainbow to anyone who visits.


Chummi – While Angels Weep

While Angels Weep is a thoughtful piece. Wander through the White Woods and stand to watch the angels weeping…why do they weep?…All are battle worn. Whose battle and will they rise again to stand as guardians?


Pixxie Snowpaw – Too late

As harsh as this installation is, it is a reality for many. We must never forget how close abuse can be, and we must never forget the victims.


Litho – Shadowed

The woman in the red dress…stands in the shadow of her abuser….to the world she looks like a woman in control. To her abuser she is an object to control.


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