SL Artists Rising 2015

OBR in SL Artistic Uprizing
Around the edges of the four regions, you will find many beautiful, powerful and thought provoking installations and artworks of many kinds.

We hope you will spend some time exploring these amazing pieces.

Artists participating include:

OBR Dance
Poetry and Performance stage
Jedda Zenovka
Secret Rage
Pixxie Snowpaw

OBR Change
Secret Rage
Krystali Rabeni
Media Centre
Sculpture Garden

OBR Drum
2Lei for OBR International 2015 in Second Life
Solkilde Auer
Ginger Lorakeet)
ThickBrick Sleaford and Blue Mikado
Taralyn Gravois
Giovanna Cerise

OBR Rise
Misprint Thursday
iSkye Silverweb
Picture Gallery with work by many artists

Find out more about our artists on the One Billion Rising in Second Life website:

Drumming at One Billion Rising in Second Life
At each of the outer corners of the four regions, you will find a special audio installation, created by the sound artist, Lorin Tone. Heavenly spheres circle and – by touching on each of them, you will be able to create your own music as the sound of drums mingle with women’s voices and musical instruments from around the world. Build your own powerful message, or simply sit in the pavilions, looking out over the sea to one side, and to the whole amazing OBR event to the other, and feel the power of the drums.