Event Staff 2015

Even though this is only a one day event, it requires the same amount of planning and preparation that goes into a multi-day event. A lot of people are madly working behind the scenes to make sure that this runs as smooth as possible.

If you have any questions or queries, by all means contact the lead of the appropriate department, but remember – they are busy planning and preparing for this event, and may not answer straight away.

Have we forgotten anything ? ——– Probably


Infrastructure and Landscaping: Aisling Sinclair

Stage and Media Centre Design: Victor1st Mornington

Performance Stage Design: Taralyn Gravois

Sponsor Relations: Samantha Ohrberg

Entertainment: Samantha Ohrberg

Volunteers: Garnet Psaltery


Art Exhibits: Taralyn Gravois

Poetry Events: Adele Ward

Performance and Media Events: AvaJean Westland

Non-profit Organization:Sicelle Daines Johannes1977, Garnet Psaltery, Qwis Greenwood and Heavenly Villa

Press and Public Relations: Saffia Widdershins

Graphics Design and Teeshirts: Sicelle Daines

Drumming: Lorin Tone

Bears: Sway Dench