Why I’m Rising!

Why are you joining the event?

You can share your reasons for rising in Second Life with us in the comments here!

So – share your avatar name, and your reason for rising.  If you want to make a video, or share a Flickr picture in our group, include a link!

And this year, we are creating a special #MeToo installation, a forest which will be decorated with the stories, poems and messages that you share with us.

If you’d like your story included in the forest, complete the form here.

32 thoughts on “Why I’m Rising!

  1. I’m Saffia Widdershins, and I’m rising for all the women in the world who lack a voice, or who are too scared, too powerless or too ashamed to speak out. I’m rising for all those who are bullied by social pressure, by cultural imperatives or by sheer violence into accepting things because they are women.

    I have never experienced the levels of abuse that so many women are subjected to. But I have experienced the low level of sexual harassment that is a part of so many woman’s lives: groping by authority figures, being flashed at; verbal abuse. It makes me angry that this is seen as acceptable, as normal – it has made me angry all my life.

    So I’m rising against the terrible things that are done to women, and I’m rising to protest the petty daily humiliations that women are subjected to because they are women.

  2. I am Honour McMillan and I am rising because far too many women I know, including myself, have experienced violence.
    I am rising because those who should protect us, or find us justice, far too often tell us it’s our fault.
    I am rising because I want to “Dance cause I’ve had enough” and “Dance cause I dream”.
    I am rising because dancing is more powerful than crying.

  3. I’m Samantha Ohrberg, and I am rising to let my voice be heard alongside the billions of woman across the globe who have encounter some form of violence. Now, is the time to not hide in silence but to scream and say, “NO” I will not be a victim anymore but a survivor. So, mothers, daughter, sisters, fathers and brothers, join as one, too break the chain of violence against woman and girls. Fathers step up as strong role models and lead by example as to how woman and girls are to be treated, that violence only leads to hurt, pain and in some cases the loss of life. We strike… We dance…We stand on Thursday, February 14, 2013 in unity…

  4. I’m Rayne Saltair and rising in memory of the sisters who for one reason or another didn’t get out and lost their lives. Their voices will go on and be heard through me every day for the rest of my life.

  5. I’m Qwis Greenwood.

    I am speaking out because I think violence against women should be a thing of the past. You can’t know what I am thinking, so I need to say it out loud.

    I am rising because women are passionate, creative, intelligent, and hardworking. I want every woman to have the strength and confidence to be all that and more.

    I am dancing because it is more powerful than violence. We are not alone when we dance. We will be strong together.

  6. Hi, I’m Cat Boccaccio, and like most women I have experienced levels of sexual abuse (and violence) throughout my life, and hope this campaign will help change the world.
    I found out about 1BR only recently, and after I started putting together an exhibit called “Invincible” for a Second Life gallery. This is the accompanying note:

    The women you encounter in the street, the workplace and at home appear mostly healthy and undamaged.The facts say otherwise. For example, a UNICEF study concluded that “globally, women aged between fifteen and forty-four are more likely to be injured or die as a result of male violence than through cancer, traffic accidents, malaria and war combined”.

    This exhibit is about women and the secrets they keep, the scars from emotional and physical abuse that are hidden from our eyes; and the way women continue, despite a truly violent onslaught, to be productive, creative, nurturing, strong, and important.

  7. I’m Uccello Poultry and I’m rising because I’ve been there, done that, and got the scars.
    I’m rising because if I show that I have the strength maybe that will encourage another.
    I’m rising because it is time – time for women to be treated as human beings not objects, time for the violence to stop, and time to educate.
    I’m rising because dancing shows character that counters the cowardice of violence.

  8. I am Trina Stromfield
    I am rising because, I have lost a child due to violence,I have almost been killed twice,and I am still here. I speak out for the voiceless, I speak out for the ones to scared to come foreward. I speak out for our Daughters,for our sisters,for the mothers and grandmothers. We can stand together, for change. we can shout the the heavens,for change. and I am here, to do just that. It is time, to change and educate the ones who need it most. lets stop this 1.3 Billion women, in the world from being wronged. This is my life, I Will not be told what is supposed to be right, but this, is right!!! Come show your support to end this violence!

  9. I am rising, and dancing because I am a survivor. I am a survivor of a rape that involved a gun and being a hostage for nearly a day. I rise up here in SecondLife because I have met in SecondLife people who think the subject of rape is a joke and that PTSD from violence is a joke. I have been the target of these jokers. These people are active in the SL Feed, Forum, blogs and inworld. Clearly the awareness needs to be raised, and not just for the Third World.. I proudly stand up — stronger than they can possibly imagine — and holding out my hand in support of this event, this message.

  10. I am rising because, while I have been fortunate to avoid violence being inflicted upon me, I have counselled and supported those who have not been so lucky. I am rising against the harrssment I have faced and witnessed in daily life and against the humiliations women the world over face every day. I am rising in support of all those who have suffered. I am rising because it is time for the violence, the harrassment, the humiliation to end.

  11. I’m Medora Chevalier and I’ rising for all the beautiful, sassy, intelligent, loving and caring women I know who have been attacked or brutalised. It’s completely unacceptable and it seems like people have just accepted it as normal. It’s time for women everywhere to come together and say enough, NO MORE! Rise! Strike! Dance!

  12. I’m Gwen Carillon and I’m rising, shouting and waving my arms in support of strong women all over the world who need to know that we are united in this effort. We will no longer countenance violence against us. I urge friends,sisters,wives, girlfriends,mothers, grandmothers and teens to RISE with us – take your strength back …Rise! Strike! Dance!

  13. I am Oona Mistwalker and I am rising because I’m one of the One Billion. In the days when it happened to me child molestation was a hidden thing. I never EVER heard it talked about so I didn’t even know the words to tell my parents what was going on. To think that people will be rising up to dance at the entrance of the State Capitol in California for people like me and for people at risk of becoming like me has made me cry for joy. To think that I have survived the aftermath of molestation and rape, from the days when it was an invisible tragedy until today has lit a fire within me.

    We mothers and teachers are responsible for teaching our sons that women are not trophies, toys, tools or status symbols.

    We need to teach them that real men put the burka on their minds, not their women.

    And we need to teach our daughters that men are not the deepest source of value and meaning in life; that no romance is worth sacrificing well-being and self-worth for; that it is better to live alone in safety and dignity than to live with the wrong man.

    We need to teach them that they are different from men **and this is a critical part of their infinite worth** They do not need to act like men to deserve respect.

    And we need to teach everyone that most parents staying home to influence their children in their most impressionable years make more of a contribution to the future than most people with careers. Why do they not get tax breaks? Why are they not respected as much as people who choose not to do this?

    These are just some of the ways we really need to change our thinking about men and women, all over the world. Not just in the North and South America and Europe.

  14. I am Myristica Dagger and i am rising for those that suffer from emotional abuse. I survived, but it leaves scars.
    I want the world to know what you don’t see on the outside but hurts so much from the inside. I have been emotional abused in Second Life itself.
    When you try to explain it to someone, you get the answer “he would never do those things, he is so nice, i have known him for so long” I know this is happening to so many woman within Second Life. Also in the real world of course. But unfortuanately also inworld. If you think you are safe from that, guess again. I thought i was strong. But i wasn’t. Not at that time. The person has a grip on you that no one can really explain. But in the end, you live in a cage. He took evertything away from you, even your friends and there is nowhere to go. I was so blessed to have my mother on Second Life and also in Real Life in the same room since i am housebound. She saw what was happening and what it did to me. What i couldn’t do, she did for me. She told him to leave and never come back. That was about 2 years ago. And now i am gaining back what is mine. My life.

  15. I join my voice to the One Billion women who have suffered, been silenced, endured, or survived violence and abuse because of our womanhood. The scars of physical and emotional abuse are different, but both run deep and cause great pain. When I was asked why I wanted to participate in OBR, I had to question my motives: was I still resentful toward those who have harmed me, or, did I want to extend my experience to other women, to show that we can survive, we can turn harm into something helpful to others, if we let go of resentment. I let go. That doesn’t mean I condone what they have done, it means I will not continue to harm myself by re-living and re-feeling the violence. I will not pass along violence to anyone else. I want to pass along hope and peace! May we all dance to celebrate survival, moving on, peace at last!

  16. My name is Vedrina Claven and I want to join One Billion Rising because the cause is dear to my heart. Four years ago I left an abusive relationship to better my childrens lives. I left my brand new home and moved into the local womens shelter in our rural community; where we stayed for six weeks before finding an apartment to start over. Since then I have gone to school for my Human Service degree and will finish in a month. Currently I am a Resident Advocate in that same womens shelter and I counsel and help empower other SURVIVORS of domestic violence. This crisis knows no race, age, religion, or class and is found all over the world. It is critical that we all RISE together to bring awareness to this misunderstood and sometimes overlooked social problem that affects everyone. A woman is violated every 15 seconds, 1 in 3 women will witness or experience violence first hand, that means when you are out with your sisters, mothers, aunts, or friends, look around…how many have suffered?

  17. I’m rising for my sister, Heather, who was killed by her boyfriend. I’m rising because of all the things in life that she is missing out on. And there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss her!

  18. Oh I am so furious. I go to the event section and the top advertised event for today, unavoidable image to see is of a full crotch slot of a woman avatar with a man’s boot on her head publicising a “V Day in city – 12 hours of free forced sex” in “Rape City”. Do we really have to see this stuff forced into our view in SL unless we restrict our preferences to mature? Its horrible, vile and distasteful and just appalling rude for V Day. Who would join in a combined protest to LL to get this sort of thing pulled down from the event ads?

  19. I am rising because violence against women must end. I was stalked and attacked by my former fiance after I left him following several months of abuse. This was a harrowing experience and I don’t want another woman to feel what I felt. It has taken me some time to recover. I am now married and happy, supporting a local group in assisting women, children, and men who are or have been abused.
    It amazes me how deep my wounds – and my healing – go. That healing began because of the compassion of many especially those close to me, but many people I did not know have helped me tremendously, as I have learned from their journeys as well as my own.
    Thank you for the participation in One Billion Rising!

  20. My name is Thalia and I am rising for all the sisters, daughters and mother who had or are suffering from violence at home. Parents should protect their children and grandchildren and not hurt or molest them. I am rising for the broken souls that cant be heard, for those whos screams and cries fade into darkness. I am rising to bring some light in their world. *raises her arms* BREAK THE CHAIN OF VIOLENCE!!

  21. I’m rising because I’ve experienced a rape attempt as a teen (I was lucky enough to escape), and because I’ve seen too many people in positions of authority abuse their power for “sexual favours”.

  22. Call me Fidget (it will get quickest response) I rise, both in brick-and-mortar and Virtual Worlds because I am a survivor of the dysfunctional sexual behavior, thought processes, and energy pounded onto me by the adults and others in my young, ‘tween, and adult life.

    No more will I allow my voice to be silenced. If you feel fearful of expressing yourself in the situation you feel caught in, I want you to find healthy means to express. You have value. Intrinsically. OBR is one of the tools I use to express and educate folks.

    You have power. If you don’t feel it, use the links provided by this SL OBR event to connect with people who can guide you to finding your worth. This onebillionrising site has many links to reach out thru. Use it, and pass it onto your circle of life.

    Huzzah and well met.


  23. I rise because I am a survivor of Domestic Violence (Physical, Verbal, Mental and Sexual Abuse). You are worth so much more, never let anyone tell you that you are worthless it’s not true! The smallest contribution given to yourself is what you take away from your experience. You can turn that negative into a positive by helping to educate others from your experience. Advising others what to do isn’t something anyone of us should do as each case is not the same but sharing your experience and how you over come the situation is the best thing anyone in a situation similar to ours. There is no need to be ashamed, embarrassed or feel like your in the wrong. Abuse in becoming all too common in todays society. Victims can be yourself, your mom, sister, cousin, best friend even your grandma. Getting away from this is rewarding especially when you take the control of your own life back into your own hands. Call the police when your alone, get information of who and where to call. Talk to others that have went through some type of Abuse. The stories we as survivors can tell you can scare you but taking control of our lives once again will inspire you. Your beautiful and worth it, never forget that! Violence and abuse in all forms against women MUST END!

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