Event Schedule 2013

The 24 hours of Dancing and Rising is taking place on 4 sims:

OBR Strike

OBR Walk

OBR Dance

OBR Rise

If you can’t make it inworld to join us you can watch the event online (with all the usual disclaimers about lag and crashes) at two locations: Mal Burn’s Channel and Aview TV.  Our profound thanks go out to both!

Live Music and DJs

Lusch Audio logo zoomed

Thank you to Jan Juergens of Lusch Audio  for providing the music stream for One Billion Rising!

Bourne Denimore (Bo Tiger) – Stage Lead

Thursday, February 14

12:00 am: DJ Alexi Ayres
1:00 am:   DJ JackETear Frequency
2:00 am:   DJ Bono G-spot (bono.tatham)
3:00 am:   DJ Ċђąđщąη (chadman.asamoah)
4:00 am:   DJ Shakespeare Shamrock
5:00 am:   DJ Jhonatan Vyper
6:00 am:   DJ Edward Pearse
7:00 am:   DJ Kirby Deed
8:00 am:   DJ Danny Bombastic
9:00 am:   DJ Olivierb Lenroy
10:00 am: DJ Victoria Grau
11:00 am:  DJ Vaughan Quan
12:00 pm: DJ Qwark Allen
1:00 pm:   DJ Elrik Merlin
2:00 pm:   DJ Amanda Shinji
3:00 pm:   DJ Linda Foodiboo
4:00 pm:   DJ Linda Zenoria
5:00 pm:   DJ  Victor1st Mornington
6:00 pm:   DJ Summer Deadlight
7:00 pm:   DJ Otenth Paderborn
8:00 pm:    DJ  Zander Greene
9:00 pm:   Anek Fuchs – Live Musician
10:00 pm: Tristyn Homewood – Live Musician
11:00 pm: Samm Qendra – Live Musician

Bios Below:

DJ Alexi Ayres – 12 midnight

Alexi Ayres Burst

In 2007, Alexi Ayres while studying electronic music and exploring virtual metaverses, had envisioned art projects that would connect our ancestral heritage with our rapid evolution of science. This concept of bridging digital arts, virtual metaverses, and the real world has the potential to unlock creative freedoms beyond our imaginations. This project is now known as Singularity Tribe and began with a single mission of creating positive vibes through music, art, performances. Our gatherings function like lighthouses to welcome anyone in search of positivity.

Alexi’s music is a fusion of ancestral instrumentations and digital musical revolutions. A high energy blend of Drum Machines, Synthesizers Drum Machines, and Samplers to create  mind expanding melodies and hypnotic electronic beats.

DJ JackETear Frequency – 1 am

Picture Jack Y Tear (III)

I’m a (mainly Progressive) House-DJ, based in the Netherlands.

DJ Bono G-spot (bono.tatham) – 2 am

DJ Ċђąđщąη (chadman.asamoah) – 3 am

DJ Shakespeare Shamrock – 4 am

Snapshot Shakespeare Shamrock

Well known and well liked DJ for Raglanshire Tinies shakes as he likes to be called is an avid pilot in the Tiny Royal Air Force and a member of the Tiny Royal Navy as well as NATO. He spins songs like a true master always putting a smile on his listeners faces. Btw ladies this cute Tiny DJ is available so grab him while you can…lol

DJ Jhonatan Vyper – 5 am

DJ Edward Pearse – 6 am

Edward Pearse

Edward Pearse is a founding member and regular presenter on Avi-Award nominated public radio station Radio Riel, where he is known for his eclectic collection of novelty and soundtrack music, as well as presenting a weekly audio drama show called Riel Radio Theatre. As a former classical pianist and ex goth club DJ, it’s no wonder his music comes from all over the place.

DJ Kirby Deed – 7 am

DJ Kirby Deed

DJ Deed is a working music producer and DJ in his first life. In Second Life, he DJ’s randomly at certain events. His styles include Electro, House, Progressive, Dutch, and Trance. His original scores have been used by MTV, and VH1.

DJ Danny Bombastic – 8 am

DJ Olivierb Lenroy – 9am

Olivier B Lenroy - Professional DJ

House Music

DJ Victoria Grau – 10 am



Dj: Victoria Grau

Location: Uruguay

Style: Soulful Fusion

I started to spin after a long time working at clubs as management staff, going thru positions from hostess to director.

Since my early days in SL i´ve been captivated by house music and I had the pleasure of meeting, working with and listening to the bestest djs in the grid.

As time went by my style preferences evolved and i started listening to the soulful djs, but i think what blew my mind and changed my life was listening to my SL husband (DJ V-WAXX) playing soulful in SL for the first time. I will NEVER forget that moment, listening to him playing was like a huge truck hitting on my head and creating a rebirth with an entirely different frame of mind.

Today i call my style Soulful Fusion because i cant help to add some of my latin roots at my sets, so i usually play Soulful & Latin Soulful.

DJ Vaughan Quan – 11 am




Location: New York City

Style: Soulful

My focus is on House. I love to spin it, hear it and vibe to it. It’s who I am and I guess it’s who I am supposed to be: “It’s in my veins like Heroin and I’m addicted” Music, the universal language, reaches us all on so many different levels. For me it’s my salvation. “I’m not new to this I’m true to this.”

DJ Qwark Allen – 12 pm

Dj Qwark

DJ Elrik Merlin – 1 pm

Elrik Merlin by PJ Trenton (December 2010)

Elrik Merlin is a Board member and regular presenter on Avi-Award nominated public radio station Radio Riel, where he specialises in playing music produced prior to 1950. He is the co-host of Designing Worlds, the hit weekly TV show on design and designers in virtual worlds produced by PrimPerfect Publications and distributed by Treet.tv

DJ Amanda Shinji – 2 pm

Amanda Shinji

Amanda Shinji (aka DJ MIss Cyberpink) has been involved with the SL clubbing scene almost as long as she’s been in SL itself. Full on club minxtress behind the decks, she’s a no-nonsense DJ who knows her way around the decks and the music itself, not only mixing but also producing and remixing as well. If you want to dance, Miss Cyberpink is the girl for you.

DJ Linda Foodiboo – 3 pm

DJ Linda Zenoria – 4 pm


I am an Electric blues DJ.. i rock the blues. 🙂

DJ  Vic (Victor1st) Mornington – 5 pm

Snapshot _ Brunel Hall Hotel and Restaurant Cafe, Academy of In
DJ specialising in 20’s to 70’s, 2012 Avi Awards DJ catagory nominee 🙂

DJ Summerina (Summer) Deadlight – 6 pm

Summer Deadlight - Headshot 11_2012

DJ Summerina – Djing since 2006, mostly play 80s, 90s, dance, rock, and requests.

DJ Otenth Paderborn – 7 pm

Otenth Paderborn

World music to reflect the worldwide scope of violence against women, blending traditional and contemporary sounds.

DJ  Zander Greene – 8 pm

DJ Zander3

A DJ for the Relay For Life of SL and co-founder of the Fantasy Faire,  Zander Greene is honored to spin an hour of classic rock and roll for One Billion Rising! Great music for a Great Cause! It’s on y’all!

Anek Fuchs – Live Musician – 9pm

Anek Fuchs Bio Pic rl_sl

Blues, Rock, Jazz Fusion, Hard Rock, Instrumental. Life without music . . . simply is not life.

Tristyn Homewood – Live Musician – 10 pm


Tristyn Homewood brings a homestyle mix of bluesy rock and pop, all with a southern flair to his fans.  This good ol’ boy is a seasoned pro – his range can go from George Thorogood to Chris Isaak to Joe Cocker to ZZ Top, to a range of contemporary pop to classic rock to rockin’ country – and even ballroom ballads.  You can feel his heart pulse through country and southern rock.  Still saying that, he can handle any genre.  Examples of his music can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/TristynHomewood1

Noma Falta – Live Musician – 11 pm

Noma 0125

Multi-award winning musician in SL, Noma plays bass and sings with her own tracks and brings a high energy blues and rock show to the SL grid!

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