More About the DJs 2020

Learn more about the DJs who will be entertaining us!

Cherryblonde – 2am – 4am

cherryblonde Scribe is a playlist DJ with over ten years experience DJing in SL, notably at venues like Idle Rogue and alt-7, and festivals such as Burn2 and Indie Teepee. With an activists interest in social justice, gender, and feminism, expect this session to feature songs about lived experience, empowerment and awareness, combining friday bangers, alt anthems and thought-provoking lyrical content to get your Rise started. February 14th from 2am at One Billion Rising 2020 landmark tba

Edward Pearse – 4am – 5am


Floreo – 7am – 8am

If you’re looking for an Interesting, Eclectic Mix of music that includes not only rock and pop, but forays into dubstep, techno, dub and more, then come to DJ Flo’s expertly-mixed explorations of music! Always a joy to hear!  Come and learn something new and DANCE! WooT!

Iliana Shabazz – 8am – 9am


Mercie Firehawk – 9am – 10am

Mercie Firehawk arrived in Second Life August, 2010 and was quickly hooked by the incredible sounds from all over the grid. She is a true music lover, enjoying all different genres. Music became her passion and she loved that she could share her love of music with people all over the world. Mercie became a successful DJ, she currently DJs and is DJ manager at Sanctuary of Rock , she also DJs for Madd Modelz and helps with sound management and hosts. When Mercie is not sharing her tunes she is Vice President of Ghost Rider’s MC and a well established photographer.

Wynn Klaar – 10am – 11am

Wynn has been DJing for a couple of years, enjoying a mix of rock, pop, indie and everything in between. She currently works at the Twisted Cork Wine and Rock Bar and hosts at Esoteric weekly on Saturdays. Today Wynn will be playing some 90s rock tunes for you to enjoy. Hope you enjoy the fun x

Rubin Mayo – 11am – 12pm

Title: Anime in Jazz

Subtitle: Jazz and Soul Musics from Japan Animes.

Performer Name: Rubin Mayo for “2Lei in Second Life Committee”

DJ Spice – 12pm – 1pm


Vic Mornington – 1pm – 2pm


Rik 2pm – 3pm

A broadcaster and record producer for decades, Elrik Merlin has been a regular presenter and event DJ with Radio Riel for a dozen years, where he also looks after technical and music licensing management. He has also, for the past five years, been a part of the team bringing Fantasy Faire Radio to the air, the radio station of RFL fundraiser Fantasy Faire, which became a full-time Radio Riel stream in April 2017.

Elrik has also been co-presenter since November 2007 on Designing Worlds, the award-winning weekly TV series on design and designers in virtual worlds, produced by Prim Perfect Publications.

Elrik is honoured to be invited back to play One Billion Rising. Depending on the occasion, he plays a wide variety of music, from Early Music and classical, to lounge, folk, rock. At OBR this year he’s playing a Classic Rock set with music from both sides of the Atlantic and a slight bias towards the 1970s.

DJ Spice – 3pm – 4pm


Khaz Rotaru – 4pm – 5pm

Khaz has played at various locations such as Fracture and The Blue Orange, festivals like Indie Teepee and BURN2, and at many gallery openings, where she resonated with the artists.

This is the third year Khaz has played at One Billion Rising and you can expect her chilled downbeat music

The A-Team – 7pm – 8pm

DJ Ari and Host Adam!

Cerealistic Bachem – 8pm – 9pm


Kobold Fairey – 9pm – 10pm


My name is Kobold… and iz a lil neko

Lil neko dat just haz one passion….. make people smile

I can’t build or makes clothing….. but i found one ding

i can do to makes people smile… if even for a lil while

I am cute…. i purrr

and i play silly lil tunes three times a week.

stringing an eclectic stream of music together anywhere from

classic to death metal….. if I findz it …… i playz it…

requests or something said in chat is fair game …. giggles

and if i dinks i can make you laugh and smile… well den i playz it….

Briony – 10pm – 11pm

Briony is thrilled to be back at One Billion Rising for her third year! Briony’s DJ style is best known as erratic – spinning everything from oldies to the latest releases and making it flow so it keeps you dancing and moving for her whole set. A DJ in SL for over 6 years, her passion is music and working to introduce people to the amazing talent in SL in small and large events across the grid.

Kess Crystal – 11pm – 12am