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And the evening falls for the last part of One Billion Rising …

For live events that is (although we are planning some discussions and programmes over the weekend). You will also be able to explore the regions in detail on the 15th and 16th February.

But there is still the evening to come!

Theatre at Night

Check out the schedule for events here – we have a full program of live musicians, including Marqs DeSade, Grace McDunnough, Naughty, Ry Anne and Rara Destiny on OBR Unite.

On OBR Rise we have a range of DJs – Cerealistic Bachem and Kobold Fairey from 8pm – 10pm SLT, and then our own dis – Briony followed by Kess Crystal to round off the event.

We also have more amazing performances with Guerilla Burlesque on OBR Dance, and the Second Life Cheerleading Squad on OBR Resist, both at 7pmSLT .

And there are all the fantastic art installations to explore too around the four perimeters.

All we need is YOU!

Full Details of the Event Schedule here!

Map and links to artist details here!

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