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Hear the Drums at One Billion Rising in Second Life!

The regions: OBR Change OBR Dance OBR Drum OBR Rise
Audio installation by Lorin Tone on OBR Change

Audio installation by Lorin Tone on OBR Change

If you look at the logo for One Billion Rising this year, you will see that one of the core words is Drum! That’s why, this year, we called one of our regions OBR Drum.

The drum is an incredibly powerful instrument. It is, is essence, the simplest of instruments – but it can become very complex and diverse. The simplest drum rhythm beats inside us – the heart that keeps us alive. But, similarly, drum rhythms can become vast and complex and powerful …

Drums have rallied armies – and lead armies to their deaths. Drum beats have summoned people to protest, to revolution. And they are the backbeat that underlies joyous dances.

Very often, in many cultures, drums have been seen as a masculine prerogative. Now we claim them for all people.

And there are four key areas in the OBR regions where you can explore the power of drums for yourself.

Audio installation by Lorin Tone on OBR Dance

Audio installation by Lorin Tone on OBR Dance

At each of the outer corners of the four regions, you will find special audio installations, created by the sound artist, Lorin Tone. On OBR Dance, for example, heavenly spheres circle and – by touching on each of them, you will be able to create your own music as the sound of drums mingle with women’s voices and musical instruments from around the world. Build your own powerful message, or simply sit in the pavilion, looking out over the sea to one side, and to the whole amazing OBR event to the other, and feel the power of the drums. On OBR Change, you can sit on a series of drums and play them, your body blending into the rhythms. And there are different drumming experiences on the other two regions too.

So come to One Billion Rising in Second Life and experience the power of the drums for yourself.




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