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Two Questions answered (for One Billion Rising in Second Life): Teeshirts and Dances

Two questions relating to our video (and the One Billion Rising in Second Life event) that people have asked – and the answers!

1) Where can I get the cute outfit worn by the Dazzlers in the One Billion Rising in Second Life video?

They’re available in the Dazzlers’ gift box supplied free at the One Billion Rising in Second Life event. You’ll find a gift area at the base of the stage on each of the four regions.  You’ll be able to get not only the Dazzlers’ outfits, but OBR teeshirts in black and white, created by Trill Zapatero, a cute hat, a teddy bear … and a wealth of gifts from our sponsors and supporters?

Dazzlers Dancing

Dazzlers Dancing

2) I was wondering if the dances you had created for the video will be available for purchase? They are non-sexual which is hard to find in Second Life and I’d love to have them!
Pyper Dollinger of the Dazzlers very kindly supplied the list – and Victor1st Mornington, who created the version we’ll be dancing at today’s event, helpfully supplied instructions:

Dances run in this order  🙂

*Temptation   – A&m mocap
My-JAZZ Lyrical-03 – MyAnimations
My-VOGUE-01- MyAnimations
My-VOGUE-02- MyAnimations
*Heaven and Earth  A&m mocap
My-VOGUE-10- MyAnimations
My-BEYONCE-05- MyAnimations
My-BEYONCE-11- MyAnimations

The One Billion Rising song runs for about 4 minutes 20 seconds… so time each dance to run for 21 seconds and it will almost match up to the song 🙂


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