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It’s Really Common Sense at OBR

Gwen's Carillon's installation at OBR

Gwen’s Carillon’s installation at OBR

There is always small print. In all of our lives. In Second Life it is often found in the covenants on the regions we visit. One Billion Rising in Second Life is no different, but we wanted to share that information with you here.

This is a General Maturity event – so the usual restrictions apply. No nudity, offensive language or gestures are permitted.

We ask you to use your common sense and think about the nature of this event. So, although there are a variety of lifestyle choices inworld, we will not accept avatars with RLV restraints, leashes, bruised skins, scripted weapons or weapons held in your hand. Anything which displays insensitivity to the victims of violence and abuse will not be tolerated.

Please review your profiles – they are supposed to be General at all times. We’d appreciate it if you can make that true for the event.

We are working to create an event which is safe for all. Please join with us to help make that possible!


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