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Write a new future for someone

“None of Us is as Good as All of Us. ”  — Ray Kroc

The skills and talents of the residents of Second Life never fail to amaze me. Musicians, artists, writers, social workers, programmers, lawyers, medical techs, engineers… if you don’t have someone on your friends list that is an expert on a topic, a friend of a friend probably is.

At the event, we are creating information kiosks with notecards concerning violence against women and girls. Some of the notecards we already have include “Keeping yourself safe”, “How to help someone you know”, and “Managing your anger”.

What else should we have? Do you have more information we can include? Guidance for people in a bad situation? Resources or organizations that people can contact?

Leave a comment with the information, or leave your avatar name in the comments so we can talk with you. We can’t promise to use every comment, but they will all be read, considered and appreciated!


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