Applications Closing Soon for Community Relations

Community Relations Officer Graphic

Rails Bailey is looking for volunteers to be a part of a professional Community Relations Officer team.

Applications are closing on January 30, and training sessions will be held in the beginning of February.
We need people on shifts throughout our 24 hour event on February 14, 2013. These people need to have the following skills –

  • at least 12 months experience in Second Life<
  • ability to deal with high pressure situations
  • capacity to make sound judgement calls
  • willingness to be accountable for decisions you make

It is a plus if you have successfully worked in a Security / Moderator role within the last two years.

If you have no experience as a CRO but are willing to learn, please apply. Your application will be considered. If accepted, you will team up with an experienced CRO and learn from them.

What will you do as a CRO? Monitor and moderate the general group for chat called “One Billion Rising.” You will respond and deal with any issues that arise during the event, in a friendly and professional manner.

Apply by sending a notecard to Rails Bailey. Include your name and a brief description of your experience or applicable skills.

See you on February 14!


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